Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Pond Dip in Wepre Park

 17 September 2013

 I went to wepre park. We did pond dipping in the grounds of old wepre park hall.

 I had a lot of fun. I found a dragon fly nymph, a rams horn water snail, and lots of little fish, my favourite was the little fish. I had never seen any of them before. I liked them very, very much. Do you like them? 

When it started getting dark we saw a big southern hawker dragon fly, its wing span was about 8cm, it really was big and came very close to me, it was brown and green in colour and looked beautiful. 

The Hawkers are the largest and fastest flying dragonflies.  I think the nymphs I found will turn into one. The nymphs live in the pond for 3-4 years until they change into a dragonfly, they are very fast swimmers and will eat just about anything that moves and to move even faster to catch their dinner they burst water out of their bottoms! They can even come out of the water to eat something on land!


  1. Fantastic Great Finds . !!! Here is a link for your mum and dad and a special recipe which might attract some moths for you using a Sugar mix and some things called Wine Ropes which the hungry moths think is rotting fruit Yummy !!!


    Have Fun and dont for get your paintbrush let us know how you get on

  2. Hello Nicola (and Alexandra ) - I asked the good people of Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group to read the blog too ...and help .. they are very clever and know a lot about birds ..I think Bruce has given a name for the Spiders Hope this Helps

    1. Hi Colin, Thanks for your help and interest shown in Alexandra's blog....Nicola


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