Sunday, 29 September 2013

Crab Fishing in Conwy

29 September 2013

Catching Crabs

I had a fantastic time crab fishing at Conwy. I had a net full of smelly bacon which was tied onto the end of my fishing line.  The crabs loved the bacon so much and clung onto the netting with their pinchers. I  caught some very big crabs that smelt like the sea. I was so excited to hold a crab for the first time but had to make sure I held the crabs properly so I didn't get nipped.  I enjoyed an ice lolly. I liked it very much. It was a lovely day.

This is me, pulling up the net of bacon.

Lots of hungry crabs!
This crab wasn't very happy, can you see him getting ready to nip me!

I like the colour of this crab

My little sister Francesca also loved crab fishing. This is a photo of us in Conwy.

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