Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Spiders at night

Spiders at night

9th October 2013

It's getting dark early now.  I decided to explore my garden again in the dark to see what I could find.
Did you know that the spiders which hide themselves away in the cracks during the day actually come and sit in the middle of their webs at night!! how funny is that. I didn't know that. I saw lots of different spiders. Can you see the photo of the black spider with spots, it doesn't look very friendly does it?!  It looks scarey with its fat body and dents! Thanks to Martin Harvey for letting me know that the spider is a Walnut Orb-weaver Spider (Nuctenea Umbratica) .  Take a look at the kind & helpful comments about my site by following the link.
Walnut Orb-weaver Spider (Nuctenea umbratica)


  1. Hi Nicola/Alex my name is Graham Haigh and im the chairman of the Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group in Halifax West Yorkshire , just to let you know we follow your blog with great interest and think what you are doing is brilliant , so if you and your family are in our area at any time let us know and we will show you around our little reserve, keep up the good work you are doing. yours Graham

    1. Hi Graham
      Thank you so much for leaving a comment, Alexandra had a huge grin on her face when she heard that you like her blog. It helps when people do leave a comment, as if Alexandra never got a comment she would think she was writing to herself! Alexandra is hovering over my shoulder as I write!! Her interest in nature since writing her blog has grown and grown and she has learnt a lot, it is also helping her with her writing and spelling!... only this evening we had a silver Y Moth in our kitchen and she was so chuffed that she knew its name and it was shivering!! As for me, I have always loved nature, however I am far from an expert so I too am learning along side Alexandra, so thank you to everyone who is helping Alexandra (& me!) with our quest to open our eyes, to find and learn.. All the best Nicola (and Alexandra!)


I hope you like my blog. It would be nice to know if anyone is actually reading it, so please feel free to write a comment and let me know! Alexandra :-)