Saturday, 19 October 2013

a new hat

19th October 2013

do you like my new hat?

 Today I made friends with another froggy, he had a very big tummy.  Don't worry, froggy did not jump off my head.  This is him hopping away afterwards.  I thought he was lovely. 

I also found some more fungi in my garden..  It felt so funny and looked very different from all the other types I have found. Its stems looked like stringy cheese and its cap was wavey..


  1. We do like your new hat, Alexandra (not Francesca.....perhaps she isn't too keen on frogs - well not on her head anyway!
    We do like to read your blogs! Love to you all from June and Patrick XX

  2. Hello Small and Large People

    Great Frog Alexandra

    Heres what I did last Saturday

    Things To Do For Hungry Birds on A Winters Day - Make Your own Bird Feeder Seed Balls

    Block of Lard , Pieces of String , Match Stick or Thin Twigs, Bird Seed Mix , Two Trays , Small Rod to make hole in Fat Ball, , Plastic Cups, Dish soapy water

    1. Get A block of Lard and cut it into cubes about 1-2 " and wrap the blocks in tin foil
    2. Get a piece of string and tie it round the match stick or twig
    3.Set up two trays one on which to flatten the lard
    4. On the other tray sprinkle the measures of seed fom the plastic cup 1/3 - 1/2 cup
    5. Like Squigy hands ??? Roll and mix the seed onto the fat untill it is fully mixed and round by cupping the mix into a ball
    6. Place a hole in the ball using the rod and feed the matchstick and string though which when pulling tight makes a little perch, mould the ball tight again around the string
    7. Now you have dinner for the birds to hang on the trees and watch. Have Fun. You can put the fatballs into the cups so your fingers dont get sticky when you finish making them

    Have fun !!!!! Watch froma cosy house when the frosts come and you will have lots hungry of visitors come to dinner !!!

    Best Wishes

    Colin D

  3. Hey Monkies , Mums and Dads , Hope you are well Spring is here time to do more of your great blog Look forward to seeing all your great finds



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