Friday, 11 October 2013

When you are sleeping the spiders are creeping!!

11th October 2013

Hello again....  just look at the spiders I found last night!  I went on a spider hunt again in my wellies and Pajamas.. ha ha... . I went back to see the black spotty spider (Nuctenea umbratica - Walnut Orb-weaver Spider) which I saw before, this time I managed to see what its tummy looked like.  Can you see the big spider just coming out of the crack below, he looked horrible! I wouldn't want to find him in my bed. Do you like spiders? We even went into next door's garden, its a big old folly with no-one living there, its a bit of a ruin.  The torch light made some scarey shadows, even mummy started to get a bit scared. I also found some fungi.Today is Friday but I have not got school as the teachers are training.
What is this spider called?
Uctenea Umbratica - Walnut Orb-weaver Spider



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  1. Hello Alexandra! I do like spiders....I kept one when I was a teenager, in a big box with a glass front and fed it with
    flies i caught for it! It was a large house spider....the Tegenaria you have them coming into your house? Love from Uncle Patrick.


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