Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Butterfly Chase

7th August 2013

I wish I could fly like a butterfly..... high, high, up, up into the sky.... spending all day sitting on pretty flowers....

Hello, I just love butterflies, they are so pretty and colourful.  We have lots and lots of them in our garden and they just love our purple butterfly bush  'buddleia'....  altogether I counted 5 different types of butterflies.

There were lots of some types but not many of others.  I wonder where they sleep?

Peacock Butterflies - I saw lots of these

'Comma' Butterfly - I only saw one. Mummy spent ages trying to get this photo as the Comma butterfly always liked to go to the flowers at the very top of the bush, no where near me or mummy!

Tortoiseshell - I saw a few of these

The Whites - lots of these

The Red Admiral - This is my favourite butterfly.  There were quite a few of these flying around.  Can you see me sitting down in this photo?


 Here I am pretending to be a butterfly bush and hoping that I get all the butterflies on me.  I stood still for ages and then a bee landed but no butterflies.  I love butterflies.

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  1. WOW it looks like you've been having lots of fun!
    I like the picture of you pretending to be a butterfly bush

    Lots of love, Ida xxxxx


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