Monday, 5 August 2013

My worm dig

Monday August 5th 2013 


Today I have been digging for worms in the rain.  They were hard to find.   Mummy helped with a big spade. We left the worms out for the mummy thrush but the worms kept crawling away and dropping back down into the grass! After trying so hard to find the worms, I now don't even know if the mummy bird found them. I hope the baby thrush is doing okay.

In my garden there are lots of bird feeders. I have seen a green finch, house sparrow, bullfinch, blue tit, jackdaw, blackbird , crow, magpie, thrush, robin, great tit, wren, buzzard, dunnock, collared dove, pheasant, coal tit, jay, gold finch.  I will try and get a photo of some of each one.


  1. can we see more bird pictures please?
    love Dad xxx

  2. digging for worms in the rain!! did you enjoy that? xx


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