Monday, 5 August 2013

I saved a baby thrush from my dog binky!

Sunday 4th August 2013

A Baby Thrush

Today I held a baby thrush it was so cute. It had fallen out of its nest. Owch! binky my dog wanted to eat it... I saved the day and moved it to a safe place under a bush where its mummy could find it. Tomorrow I'm going to dig for worms for it!



  1. well done Alexandra, I really like your Blog.
    Lots of love. Dad xxx

  2. Alexandra, I know how much you LOVE the birds and I am very proud of you for that. When you did well with your swimming, you decided that you wanted some 'bird seed' (!!!!) for a reward, how many other little girls would ask for that? I'm so happy that you enjoy looking after the birds and that you now know almost all the names of all the different types of birds which have visited our garden. Keep caring... lots of love Mummy xxx

  3. Well Done Alexandra, I'm realy proud of you. I have learnt lots of thingsI didn't know abot nature already and I am hoping that I will learn more with some more posts soon! love Scott xxx


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