Friday, 30 August 2013

garden hunt

30 August 2013

I have been busy looking for bugs in my garden today.  I turned over stones and pots and dug in the soil.  I found lots of different bugs. I found two black beetles under a stone. They ran very fast so I put them in my pot. They had stripes on their backs and shiny heads. I also found a green larva in the soil, I don't know what it will turn into.

Pterostichus Niger - Large Black Ground Beetle & Small Green Larva

A Long Centipede which wriggled like a snake

I found a very very long centipede in the damp soil by a big tree. It was light yellow in colour and had little legs, it moved along like a snake.  I also found a funny looking millipede with lots of spiky striped legs, I don't know what type of millipede it is. It didn't move very fast and was happy staying still on my arm for a photo.

Nettle-Tap Moth Larva - (The nettle tap moth flies in the day time) - The larvae make 'tents' in the nettle leaves

When I looked closely at the nettle leaves I could see lots of white web like things, inside each web was a caterpillar which had spots.  The caterpillars had been eating the nettles and doing little black poos! ha ha!

Seven Spotted Ladybird  

I liked this ladybird it was very cute.

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